Sensational Sweets at the Encinitas Foodie Fest

Salty Sisters Candy Company Salted ToffeeThe female entrepreneurs behind innovative startups Sea Salt Candy Company and Millie’s Gelato are vendors at the upcoming Encinitas Foodie Fest. There is a fascinating story attached to the origination of each company:

Sea Salt Candy Company
Gretchen Bender was inspired to develop her delectable toffee candy recipe when her father developed throat cancer. She was looking to provide something to fulfill his craving for sweet-salty foods after he lost much of his sensation for taste during radiation therapy.

Now, Gretchen together with her business partner Lisa are doing so well that they are opening a brand new commercial kitchen and retail space later this summer in Vista. For more information, please visit

Salty Sisters CaramelsSalty Sisters Sea Salt Toffee Bits

Millie’s Gelato
Industrious Susan Sbicca, former executive chef/owner of Sbicca’s and Meritage, decided to apply her vast culinary knowledge and experience to the development of a healthy dairy-free, vegan gelato. Aptly named after her mother Millie who “always had something sweet going,” the gelato is available in a variety of flavors including Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl, Midnight Mocha and Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake. Although Susan misses the adrenalin rush of the restaurant, she is finding her new business endeavor exciting and challenging on many other levels. For more information, please visit

Millie's GelatoSusan Sbicca of Millie's GelatoDairy-Free Millie's Gelato

About the Encinitas Foodie Fest
Saturday, June 23rd • 10am-5pm • Pacific Station, Encinitas
A free family fun event bringing the community together to elevate public awareness about sustainable foods and products while promoting the arts, local business and the Coastal Community Foundation’s Healthy Day fund. Plus superb artisanal food vendors, food trucks, amazing live music, an entertaining children’s cooking booth and fun for all!

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About Jolee Pink

I am a California-based writer, designer, artist, super foodie and avid traveler. I view travel as a superlative learning experience and have visited nearly 50 countries. As the author of Living Coastal: Inspirations for Entertaining, Decorating and Cooking California Style, I brought together artists and chefs to capture the spirit of San Diego influenced by the Pacific Ocean. The Wabisabi Green lifestyle blog focuses on art, design, food and travel. My colorful ceramic sculpture has received national recognition and is on permanent display at Rady Children’s Hospital. I also design and market a boutique eco-friendly textile line featuring bold modern motifs based on nature, world travels and the southern California coastal lifestyle.
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