Sweeping Garden Trend: Edibles with Ease

Vertical Earth GardensAs public awareness of the benefits of local, fresh organic food grows, so does the demand. Chefs are responding by incorporating fresh organic foods into their menu offerings. The innovative owners of Vertical Earth Gardens, Michael Tarzian and Mark DeMitchell, have developed an efficient hydroponic vertical garden system to meet this need. With their help, local chefs across San Diego are installing vertical gardens at their restaurants to optimally grow their own supplies of organic herbs and vegetables. Current clients include Jsix, Spread, Le Papagayo and Lockwood Table. Homeowners are not excluded! Vertical Earth Gardens offers space-saving custom solutions in scalable sizes for residential customers across San Diego County. And if you would like fresh veggies on hand without the work Vertical Earth Gardens also provides optional well-designed maintenance plans. Local schools benefit from this technology as well. Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary School and Urban Academy in Hillcrest are among the first to install vertical gardens on campus.

How does it Work?
Mike uses organic seed to start all edibles. Seedlings are placed in a medium of expanded clay pebbles to promote circulation. No soil is used, just water, nutrients and oxygen. Plants are placed in a vertical zigzag pipe formation. Water is recycled via a pump and reservoir. Plants absorb nutrient rich water through their roots.

To learn more, call Vertical Earth Gardens at 760.809.8845 or visit their website.

Vertical GardensGrowing Organic Vertical GardensJsix Restaurant Vertical Garden

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About Jolee Pink

I am a California-based writer, designer, artist, super foodie and avid traveler. I view travel as a superlative learning experience and have visited nearly 50 countries. As the author of Living Coastal: Inspirations for Entertaining, Decorating and Cooking California Style, I brought together artists and chefs to capture the spirit of San Diego influenced by the Pacific Ocean. The Wabisabi Green lifestyle blog focuses on art, design, food and travel. My colorful ceramic sculpture has received national recognition and is on permanent display at Rady Children’s Hospital. I also design and market a boutique eco-friendly textile line featuring bold modern motifs based on nature, world travels and the southern California coastal lifestyle.
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One Response to Sweeping Garden Trend: Edibles with Ease

  1. avatar Urba says:

    Wow, this is fantastic–another amazing system for growing edibles vertically! I do see this as a way to start bringing much more fresh locally grown food to cities. I am going to check out the rooftop hydroponic garden today at NYC’s Bell, Book, and Candle restaurant. Will report back!