We are passionate about great art, design, food & travel with an eco twist. Our site focuses on imaginative artisans creating alluring organic, sustainable goods and services in San Diego and beyond. Please contact us with feedback and suggestions at wabisabi@cox.net.

Jolee Pink

Jolee Pink, Editor
California artist Jolee Pink’s love of all things ocean inspired her to create captivating ceramic sculptures infused with an organic appeal. Winning national recognition for her outdoor sea life sculpture garden and interior mural work, Jolee started her innovative company, Wabisabi Green, to showcase her colorful ceramic sculpture and stylish design for the home and garden. Jolee’s passion to fuse her artistic expression with home accessories designed to promote greener living led to the development of her modern EcoArt collections. Her designs are inspired by nature, world travels and the southern California coastal lifestyle. She combines bright colors with fresh bold designs to add sizzle and pop to her eco chic home decor line.


Megan Wild, Contributor
Megan Wild loves bright and clean home interior design ideas. When she’s not searching for new ways to improve or organize her home, you can find her blogging on Your Wild Home.


Annie Krug Writer and Editor

Annie Krug, Contributor
As a freelance writer and editor for 13 years, Annie Krug has written and edited web and print copy, web site text, brochures, newsletters, informative articles, commercial scripts, technical manuals, and full length manuscripts. Her clients have included large corporations, start-ups, small businesses, and individuals in industries that include Marketing, Corporate Services, Health and Wellness, Filmmaking, Research and Development, and Manufacturing. Annie stands out as writer and editor by her ability to listen with precision for her client’s message, and then write for their target readership, whether the intention of the writing is to educate, motivate, sell, or somewhere in between. Contact Annie for writing and editing services through her website at www.anniekrug.com.


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